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Partnership with Swarovski®

Thanks to the strategic partnership with Swarovski®, UAB Silver Dream has gained Swarovski company’s trust and became a member of Ingredient Branding program. The Ingredient Branding program assures that all values carried by Swarovski are passed to a new jewellery item made with Swarovski crystals.

Since 1895 Swarovski has been the synonym for the finest crystals. Daniel Swarovski, the founder of the company, established philosophy that is followed by the company till today: “To constantly improve what is good”. Changes are the phenomenon of the 21st century surrounding consumers all the time. Sophisticated technologies, intensive pace of life and overwhelming choice make up our life style. Consumers require brands that help to make choices.

Five generations of Swarovski family have treasured and cherished those 5 values that are of greatest importance:
• Trust and authenticity
• Heritage and mastery
• Creative identity
• Passion for detail
• Craftsmanship

The production of UAB Silver Dream is marked with Swarovski® seal that confirms and guaranties the originality of the crystals and offers the partners of UAB Silver Dream a variety of additional advantages. Read more about other benefits of Ingredient Branding program here.